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Shop Kit Plus is a whole site building system for shop owners who need more than just an online catalog. The system provides a content management system for unlimited pages, includes image uploaders and an HTML editor, and adds extra catalog features like wish lists, order tracking and advanced catalog features.

What does this mean? You can easily update the content on any page, change the order of the pages in the navigation area, set meta titles and tags to increase your visibility in the search engines, and activate or deactivate any page as needed. As an administrator, you can also add unlimited new pages to your site, and delete any new pages you've added at any time.

The SKP makes running your site easy instead of a hassle. Instead of spending hours trying to make your site behave, you can now focus on creating your products, working with customers and promoting your business.

Designing Your Shop Kit Plus Site
- Easy template integration - Easily integrate your existing site HTML, javascript and Flash templates into the Shop Kit Plus. All you need are expandable navigation and content areas. Just plug in the PHP tags and past the code into the SKP Template Editor. Need help? We can integrate your template for you.
- Free Templates - Need a new design as well? Our Shop Kit Plus features 32 default templates (in four color schemes) and 26 unique free templates in various, editable color schemes. Our free templates are already loaded on your site. Just select the one you want, upload your logo and you're done. Or, edit the color scheme with our Font and Colors Editor. Looking for a more customized design? Our designers can work with you to create a template that will make your site unique.
- Built-in WYSIWYG Editor - Easily customize your page content and product descriptions with no HTML knowledge. Simply add your content and use the WYSIWYG interface to add images and format your text, just like in a word processor.
- Professional Web Site Design - Watersweb can integrate your existing design, create a new design and customize your entire site. Take a look at our custom design packages or request a personalized quote from our designer.
Uploading Your Products
- Temporary Address - The Shop Kit Plus includes a temporary address and license that will allow you to setup your new site without taking down your old site. Simply load your template, products and pages. Once your new site is ready to go, redirect your domain name to the Watersweb servers. It couldn't be easier and you won't have any downtime! Need assistance uploading your products or images? Just let us know.
- Global Product Upload - Download our sample Excel worksheet and input all your product, descriptions and options. Then simply upload the worksheet to instantly add your products to the SKP. Images can be uploaded via the SKP and linked to products via our easy-to-use interface. Watersweb can help you upload your Excel file and images.
Customizing Your Advanced Site Features
- Easily Add Pages - The Shop Kit Plus includes a content management system that allows you to add unlimited pages and easily make changes to existing pages with the built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editor.
- Built In Contact Form - The SKP also includes a contact form that will allow your customers to request additional information from you, without you having to publish your email address on your site. Great for preventing spam!
- Event Calendar - List events for your company that your customers can see. Planning to attend trade shows, state fairs, or other events? Planningn sales events at certain times of the year? Include them in your event calendar for your customers.
- Links Page - Share important links with your customers. Keep them coming back to you, a source they can trust, for more information.
- Guest Book - Allow your customers to share their testimonials
- Articles - Write your own articles and post them on your site. Your customers will learn that you are a source of information they are seeking. Also, a great way to improve your search engine rankings.
- FAQ Creator - List frequently asked questions to your customers can find their answers easily, at any time.
- Site Map - Shows all the pages on the site, dynamically. Easy for your to setup (just turn on the page), a snap for your customers to find what they are looking for
- Site Search - Allows customers to search for pages by keyword.
- Catalog Search - Optional advanced search page allows your customers to find specific products by keyword(s), category, and/or price range
Setting Up Your Checkout, Payment and Shipping
- Mals Cart Installation - The Mals-E Shopping Cart is easily installed via the Storeadmin interface. Simply add your Mals login and server information. Mals is a free shopping cart solution that enables you to securely accept Paypal and credit cart payments, track inventory in real time, calculate taxes, charge shipping, offer discounts and vouchers and more.
- Mals Cart Customization - Mals-E Shopping Cart features an administration panel, linked directly to the SKP, where you can setup taxes, shipping, payment information and more. Our Support Forums include extensive information on setting up the many features available. Need help? We can customize the cart to your specifications.
- Upgrade to Premium Mals - While the free Mals-E Shopping Cart includes an extensive array of features, the premium cart adds options that work well for busy WAHMs. These features include automated credit card processing, batch download of orders, direct access to UPS and USPS rate calculators.
Marketing Your SKP Business Online
- Froogle Feed - The SKP includes a Froogle Feed, which enables you to upload your products directly to Froogle, Google's product search engine and shopping directory.
- Search Engine Friendly Features - Easily add targeted meta tags to your entire site, to a specific page and to each product. Optimize the text for each page and product for higher search engine rankings and increased sales. Need assistance? Watersweb can prepare keyword phrase reports to let you know what words your customers are using to look for your product. We can also optimize your site for you.
- Wholesale Capabilities - Password protected wholesale area allows qualified vendors to purchase items at their specific wholesale discount. Wholesaling is an excellent way of promoting your WAHM products beyond the reach of your individual store.
- Affiliate Integration - Connect your catalog to the Mals-E mTracker affiliate program. Encourage your customers help you spread the word about your products.
Working With Inventory and Order Management
- Inventory Control - Gives clients the ability to set and track product quantities. Works with the Mals-E Shopping Cart to remove inventory as soon as the item is purchased.
- Order Tracking - View orders, show best selling sales reports, and allow clients to view their order status if desired. Our SKPlus2000 and SKPlus4000 packages also include Sales trend reports, which enable you to view sales over a selected time period in specific states and by specific product.
Shop Kit Plus is a PHP script for Catalogs scripts design by Watersweb Solutions, LLC.. It runs on following operating system: Windows / Linux / BSD.

Operating system:
Windows / Linux / BSD

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